Meet our Titley Scholars: Jason Burwell

Jason Burwell stands with a rock hammer raised above his head in front of a mountain range.Degree Program: Master of Science

I was actually a dual Journalism and English major when I first started my undergraduate degree at the University of Georgia. Remembering the young rock collector that I once was, I decided to take an intro Geology course as my main physical science credit. Once I started the program, I was hooked. I loved the professors and the material just seemed to make sense to me. The further I fell into the long list of required courses, the more I began to think of them as fun and entertaining.

My favorite class so far would have to be Mark Barton's Introductory Ore Deposits Course (closely followed by another economic geology course back at the University of Georgia). Don't let the name fool you. As an introductory course we managed to get through every type of ore deposit in great detail, and we never stopped to take a breath. The amount of information that the course covered was absolutely incredible, and being able to have that complete base knowledge of ore deposits in something that not many people are offered. It was great because it allowed all of use to see many different rocks and locations even if our projects or theses only involved a narrow fraction of them.

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